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-George Carlin

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REBLOG: Proposed Reviewer Pop-Up for Goodreads

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Just posted back on a feedback thread that with authors on goodreads actively contacting readers and warning that only positive reviews will be left unflagged and with sites like W.H. Smith now banning indie publications from their website  (not a move I anticipate goodreads or amazon following)-- that something needs to be done.

That maybe—like the authors now see a popup when commenting on a review about the dreaded no star rating or the 1-2 star rating that it's really, really, really!, really a bad idea—members should get a popup when rating or reviewing a book not from the big five publishers plus some recognized small and academic presses that might say something like:
Ok, you may want to write a bad review or give a bad rating.
Deep breath.  It happens to every reader.
Keep in mind, however, that you will be 
rating/reviewing an independently
or self published author.  
Their presence on goodreads is valued
as they can actually help book sales.  
By leaving a review or rating, you may be
interacting directly with the author.  
The author will likely flag any negative rating,
shelving, or reviewing as a personal insult
and is likely to flag it to our attention for
removal as against TOS, as bullying,
as threatening, as hate speech,
as harassment or just for being negative.
We really, really (really!) don’t think you should
negatively review books by this author,
even to point out pro's and con's that
might aid a fellow member in book selection.
If anyone including the author thinks
this review is against our Review Guidelines,
or negative enough to bring down the tone
of the community,  they will flag it to bring
it to our attention.
Keep in mind that if this is a review
of the book, even one not including factual errors
and strictly your opinion of the book,
if flagged we generally will remove all negative content
Particularly if flagged by our valued authors.

For more on how to interact with authors
and write opinions of books you read,  
please see our TOS,
Review Guidelines, and the new policy
for clarification.

If you still feel you must leave a
rating/review, click “Accept and Continue”
below to proceed (but again, we don’t recommend it
unless you have something nice to say).
If you continue to post content negative to tone
of community, your account may be deleted.

Accept and Continue
After all, if authors get a condescending popup, so should reviewers.
I realize not likely that neither goodreads nor amazon would want to discourage reviews; but, they'll have plenty of author, sockpuppet, and the brief bits kindle integration allows when book finished as reviews.   All nicely sanitized and optimized by data scientists in correct format, phrasing, and rating algorithm to best promote book sales.
I would not want goodreads or other sites to drop indies just because of a few bad apples--although I would like an option to filter out indie books for members not wanting to deal with potential drama or just because can clog search results riding the coattails of popular search terms.  But, I can see where it makes sense for some sites from the standpoint of "look what a few bba's have caused over at goodreads" leading retailers/corporations/website-communities weighing member enjoyment and profit potential against loss of revenue from customers or members who do not want to deal with the drama or who actually do some research and decide they do not want their site nor their members to become a target of sociopathic groups like STGRB.
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